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10 DIY ideas how to use these lovely little felted hearts

I fell in love with these tiny little felted hearts. They are so easy to make and such fun! Just cut your felt sheets in 3 sized circles, make some small hearts for the middle and just mix and match the colors! There are hundreds of combinations you could make. It's absolute fun and also suitable to make with kids. 

You can use them for so many different projects. 
You can make a birthday party gift-pins, use them like a ribbon ornament or make a fancy colorful key ring with them. 

You can also use them as a patch to attach to all kinds of different accessories - scarves, hats, bags, wallets, phone cases etc. They will give fresh and cheerful look to your old personal belongings. I use them for decorating my baby bibs and baby blankets. I have also made some small coin purses with them. 

Another idea to use these jolly circles is as wall decoration for your kid's room. You can assemble, stitch them on paper and put them in a lovely little frame to hang on the children's wall. 

These are also perfect to make a colorful boho-hippie pendant. Just arrange them on a stable thread, put some beads and nodes between them and it is ready. This can make a great decor for a birthday party celebration, baby-shower gathering, even a wedding or just smartening up your own room. 

Of course, you can hand-craft these sweet-felted-heart-circles as a touching Valentine's gift for your darling one. You can stitch them on a card or make a wonderful little brooch. It will surely win you points as you have put your whole love and effort in making them.

Eager to start and you even have more ideas? Please, feel free to share your photos of what you have made. 

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